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About Spot Assist Skydiving Tool

Shows skydivers current weather, winds, the best exit area and pattern in current wind conditions.

A tool for parachute pilots.
Skydiving. Paragliding.
As long as you depend on skydiving weather - you must have Spot Assist.

Whats does it do:
1. Displays a satellite map of dropzones world wide.
2. Shows current windaloft and surface winds world wide.
3. Displays a range of your parachute and a safe jump run exit area. (In-App purchase required)
4. When zoomed in to the pattern - displays recommended pattern for your parachute. (In-App purchase required)
5. Find your cutaway canopy: mark cutaway location and app will use windsaloft to calculate where it has landed.(In-App purchase required for past wind data)

Who is it for:

1. See the map of drop zones all over the world. Search drop zones around you.
2. See current wind conditions world wide.
3. Know your safe exit area, which is the range of your parachute.
4. Visualize the landing pattern at the new drop zone.

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