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Livigent Lite™ puts the most powerful and sophisticated filter for Android in your hands. Give yourself the freedom to surf the Internet and use applications without the worry of inappropriate content or online risks. Based on the famous Livigent ™ filter, this app will filter all internet-based content on your device. Unlike other filtering products, Livigent Lite™ is not limited to your browser, nor does it require you to use a special “secure browser”. ALL content, on ANY app, is filtered using our acclaimed super-intelligent filtering technology.

Only download and install this app when directed to do so by one of our filtering providers*, which includes getting the right code for your chosen provider, installing this app without proper account information may disable all your data communications.

Livigent Lite™ is simple, and easy to install and configure. Livigent Lite™ runs automatically and transparently, with no need to tweak or change anything.

Features of Livigent Lite™:
• The most powerful site-analyzing technology available.
• No need to use a specialized browser. Browse safely on the browser of your choice.
• Filters content on all your apps natively. No need to set up special rules or block certain apps.
• In-app browser filtering: In apps that use an embedded browser for content, the content is filtered even when the app itself is explicitly opened.
• Multiple filtering levels and options, based on your specific provider’s options.
• Real time content filtering categorizes pages within websites or apps. No need to wait for the filter to update with information about new or changed sites.
• Optional image coloring technology, which repaints the skin colored pixels, or replaces the image altogether, in the filtered pages or even inside apps.
• Image analysis can analyze an image to see if it is inappropriate or not.
• Additional URL-based filtering: lists of millions of inappropriate sites that should be blocked.
• Mime type filtering: Ability to block specific types of web traffic, like flash video, images, and audio streaming.
• Protocol filtering: Filter or block content even in non-website applications, such as Instant Messaging apps, P2P file-sharing, mail protocols and more.
• Set Allow/Block on apps. Choose which apps are allowed or blocked.
• Apps only mode removes all unauthorized apps except for a pre-specified list of apps. Can also block the calling feature or SMS on a phone.
• Time controlled filtering, applying time restrictions, and time flexibility in filtering, as per your provider’s offerings.
• Forces Safe Search to be enabled on all major search engines and youtube.
• Keyword matching: Allow or block specific keywords, this provides additional blocking on top of the real time filtering, as per your provider’s offerings.
• SSL Interception: Filters even secure websites like banks, gmail etc.

Livigent Lite™ is part of the suite of products provided by Livigent©, a leader in web filtering technologies.

*List of our filtering providers:

Jnet – 718-625-5638

VCF – 718-280-1486

TAG – 718-437-1824

Geder – 844-384-3337

Nettzach – 072-2727027

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