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Living Wild: Island Survival

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You're stranded all alone on this deserted island with very few supplies. Build and maintain your fire. Collect, filter, and boil your water. Gather, hunt, and cook your food. Craft a shelter and tools to aid in your survival. Make medicine using only what you have around you to treat any and all injuries ranging from sand flea bites to deadly snake bites and major infections. Try to keep your morale high as you travel the island in search of vital supplies—which will be the only thing keeping you alive! How long can you survive: Living Wild?

Put your survival skills to the test with this unique immersive deserted island roleplay game; where any situation can turn deadly. Spend your days and nights fending off hunger with a rich variety of food items, crafting your way to a stable shelter, mixing up various plants and supplies to treat your wounds—and prevent them from getting worse—all the while trying to keep your spirits high. How long will the next lightning storm last? What if your simple stomach ache turns into severe food poisoning? What will you do if you have to choose between keeping your hard-scavenged supplies or dropping them all to make it back to camp in time to treat an alarming medical condition? Would you drink unfiltered water or eat raw meat? What would you do to survive?

• Collect wood supplies to build and maintain your fire
• Gather, hunt, and cook a wide variety of food items
• Collect, filter, and boil your water
• Craft medicine, supplies, and your shelter
• Survive the weather, including relentless storms
• Maintain your hunger, thirst, energy, hygiene, morale, and most importantly your health

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