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Italian Verb Test Lite allows you to test yourself on Italian verb conjugations. You are asked to translate a verb from English to Italian, given the pronoun and tense/mood. You can then either enter the answer or select it from a list of suggestions. The correct answer is then shown and your score updated if you got it right.

- Test yourself on some of the most commonly used verbs
- Enter an answer or select it from a list of suggestions
- Conjugation tables for all of the verbs used
- Fully configurable - you decide which verbs and which tenses/moods are in the test
- Questions can be given in English or Italian
- No internet connection required
- No annoying ads

See our developer website for a full list of the verbs used.

Italian Verb Test Lite will test you on any combination of the following tenses/moods.

- Infinitive (Infinito)
- Present (Presente)
- Present Perfect (Passato Prossimo)
- Imperfect (Imperfetto)
- Present Subjunctive (Congiuntivo Presente)
- Present Conditional (Condizionale Presente)
- Imperative (Imperativo)
- Preterit (Passato Remoto)
- Future (Futuro Semplice)

Want to be tested on more verbs and tenses? Then give the Pro version a try.

Note, this app uses the old "..." menu button, which is now hidden on some phones. Try a long-press on the task-switching button to access it if that is the case. I do hope to update the app to use the action bar, when I get some time.

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