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Coloring is no longer used only for children: it 's an excellent relaxing tool for adults and seniors and it allows you to go back in your childhood memories to forget the pressures of daily life.
Coloring can be practiced at any time of the day and anywhere. Also, it is a quiet activity that you can carry out with your children to have a good time!

 Mandala Coloring Book is an awesome anti-stress coloring game, it reduces anxiety, stabilizes mood, increases concentration and promotes sleep.

 Evacuate stress and feel better: give yourself some precious moments of childish happiness and unleash your inner creative genius with these Mandala coloring pages full of life and harmony!

 Coloring Mandala is a real coloring book for adults and children, with a rich collection of fascinating and relaxing images organized in 8 categories:

1) Animals
2) Flowers
3) Alphabets
4) Butterflies
5) Original
6) Trees
7) Hearts
8) Houses

 The choice of colors among the 84 available on the application, reflects the mood of the moment. Additionally, as some are richer in detail, they allow you to work on your desired level. Taking the time to watch them also allows you to relax and soak up the energy of colors.

 How to play with this Mandala coloring book in 4 steps:

 Select a category.
 Choose an image.
 Type on a color.
 Start coloring your Mandala.

You can also make a reset, download your masterpiece, and share it with your friends in social networks.
 Breath in deeply and relax with this free coloring book on your device.

 If you have any suggestions or comments about Mandala Coloring Book, do not hesitate to leave us a comment and a score for the application.

 Color Guide:

• Red gives energy and stimulates the mind.
• Blue is distressing and promotes sleep.
• Pink maintains good mood.
• Yellow and orange represent the joy of life.
• Turquoise is above all a sense of security and purity.
• Green is a color that smoothes.
• Cyan is the most refreshing shade in chromotherapy.
• Purple suggests creativity.
• The magenta embraces you with a good mood.
• Fuchsia is a symbol of romanticism.

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