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Lizard Eye, as most of us know and few may don't know this fact that Lizards eye can visualize more combinations of colors than a human beings eye; but the outstanding fact which everybody knows about homo sapiens is that we all have an outstanding brain compared to all of the species in this universe.

But each ones brains processing speed, its stability, performance differs because the way we think and how we train our brain.

Here comes our Lizard Eye game, which trains your brain in identifying shapes and colors :) with lots of fun. You can train your brain along with amazing themes and calm melody by enabling music if you want.

Time Challenge:
This mode of play is challenging a count down time with mathematical shapes. Pump your brain by playing Time Challenge.

World Play:
Play different worlds (different shapes) without time constraint, yes that's right relax yourself with playing World.

Lizard Eye will enhance one's Memory, Concentration, Processing Speed and Visual Skills. Use this game for few minutes daily to improve the performance of your brain.

Lizard Eye will unleash the power of your active memory, interactively designed to engage and entertain you and your kids.

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