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Talking Bluetooth SMS makes it possible to receive text messages while you are driving and to reply to them completely hands free.

Talking Bluetooth SMS can be used with or without a Bluetooth Device. However, You should always be safe and use a Bluetooth Device while driving and obey your local hands free laws.

If you do not have a Bluetooth device to connect your phone with. No worries. When you have Talking Bluetooth SMS set to the Always Listen mode. You can still receive, hear and reply to your incoming text messages all hands free.

Talking Bluetooth SMS uses your phones built in Text to speech service to speak your incoming SMS and MMS messages. Then you reply to the messages should you choose to with your own voice using your phones voice recognition service.The voice recognition used with Talking Bluetooth SMS requires internet access.

If you have chosen to only listen for text message when connected to a Bluetooth Device. And your phone is NOT currently connected to a Bluetooth device. Then your default SMS App. will handle your incoming SMS and MMS messages for you as usual. So you will never miss your important incoming text messages.

Talking Bluetooth SMS will automatically detect when your phone has re-connected to a Bluetooth device and handle the messages for you. Once Talking Bluetooth SMS detects your phone is no longer connected to a Bluetooth Device once again, your default SMS app takes over and handles your messages.

Key Features:

• Receive and reply to text message hands free.

• Set a recurring quite / silent period. Example: when your trying to sleep. The App will not bother you during the time period you have set.

• Receive and reply with bluetooth connection only.

• Adjust the number of times the app will attempt to get your attention.

• Receive and reply with or without a bluetooth connection.

• SMS Set a custom greeting for when a new text message arrives.

• MMS Set a custom greeting for when a new picture message arrives.

• Adjust the volume and speed of the voice spoken for messages when they arrive.

• Set if you want the sender only to be spoken and not the message.

• Set if you want sender spoken and then to be asked if you want message spoken.

• Set if you want sender spoken and message spoken without being asked.

• All messages that you reply to are always read back to you for your aproval before being sent.

• If you want to change your reply. All you have to say is "fix" or "fix reply"

Command Tips:

The App will ask you to give it commands so it will know what you would like it to do.
For example the App will say "would you like to send this reply? Please say send, fix or cancel."

If the App has a hard time uderstanding you. Try adding extra words to these commands.
For Example: " send message" or " send it please" or " fix reply" or " fix it"

Sometimes this helps the App pickup more clealy what you are saying.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or problems. Please email them to
We appreciate any and all constructive criticism. And we Will make every effort to address your concerns.

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