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Route planner application allows you to optimize your multi waypoint routes with "Travelling Salesman Problem" algorithm which is a very well known algorith in most engineering disciplines.To do so place the locations you want to include on your route on the map by clicking on the locations. The pins will appear on the locations you click. You can add up to 20 waypoints on your route. You can change the start or finish points by clicking on the pins. Once you place the locations on the map; click on the "find optimized route" button; optimized waypoint order and estimated distance will be shown on the map. If you need to navigate to any of the locations you place clicking the navigate button which is on pins menu will direct you to google maps navigation which is installed on your phone. Saving your planned trips is an other competitive edge of the application. You can save your planned or your previous trips freely with this application. Navigation is also very easy, just click on the navigate button then choose which location you want to navigate to. If you have choosen just one location navigator will be instantly launched. This gps route finder application is very usefull for finding routes. This route finder app uses your built in gps to find your current location. With route map navigation is also very easy. Gps location route map makes it easy to select navigation points on the route map.

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