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!!! High accuracy meets with ease of use!!!

!!!Please compare with other map tools !!!

Maps Area Calculator is a smart tool for calculation of the area on the map. Application takes into account of the World's geodesic structure and serves highly accurate area and distance information. Point insertion can be done in two ways: pin tool and finger tool. Once you place your points on the map when you click on the calculate button path completes itself and handles calculation.

─░mportant : Points on the map should be positioned clock wise or counter clock wide and path must not self intersect.

Key Features:

-High accuracy
-User friendly interface
-3D maps
-Map, Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid modes
-Meter, Kilometer, Mile and Feet distance units available
-Pin tool for linear measurements
-Finger tool for path measurements
-Back button
-Map tilt angle adjustment
-Saving measurements

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