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SlideOver is part of me and my brother's Sliding Messaging Pro project. This is only part of what it can do within our app, but we decided to release this part for free and open source so that users can use this incredible feature without being confined to Sliding Messaging Pro and any developers out there can learn from it!

This app is meant to be used alongside your messaging app of choice, whether that is the stock app, Go SMS, Handsent, Textra, or any of the other 3rd party messaging apps available on the Play Store. It is meant to extend upon that apps functionality and give you extra features that aren't present in most/any apps.

- An always on "bubble" to access your latest messages from anywhere (without even leaving your current app!)
- Quickly reply to a new message with the Quick Peek option, brought up by a simple tap on the SlideOver bubble
- Easily move and manage the SlideOver bubble with a long press to drag option and a double click to change the sliver width option.
- The SlideOver bubble will show contact pictures and some of the message with a very cool animation on new SMS messages
- Option to "ping" the SlideOver bubble when the user unlocks the device and there is an unread message.
- Reply without pausing your YouTube and most other video services and games (something that usual quick reply boxes could never do!)
- TONS of customization options
- and lots of other stuff


1.) Download SlideOver Messaging
2.) Open the main app to view the settings page and apply any of the settings you think fit!
3.) That's it! Now just wait for a new message to come though and view it via the SlideOver bubble and reply quickly to conversations via the quick peek dialog!


Some 3rd party messaging apps block the text message receivers that I use to display the messages to the SlideOver bubble. It is a very easy workaround though luckily, simply uninstall and then re-install your 3rd party messaging app (such as Go SMS) and the messages will come up in both your notification tray (through the 3rd party app) and the SlideOver bubble (through my app).

Very simple fix :)

Another thing to look out for is that the system may not mark your messages as sent, even if they are. This is a bug we have had with Samsung phones, it seems as though they do things a little bit different and I have been unable to find a workaround so far.

There is also no support for Android 4.4 because of a new system that they implemented with default messaging applications. As this app is not meant to replace your default app, there will be no way to send messages.

If you like what we have done here, support us through a purchase of Sliding Messaging Pro! As I said, that app takes the functionality of SlideOver to a whole new level with an awesome pop-up reply dialog and some other neat customization and features!

Hope you enjoy!

For any developers that like this kind of app, the full source is available here:

Check it out and make something cool with it :)

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