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About Equate

Equate is a unit converting calculator designed to make converting from one unit to another fast and simple.

For example, to convert 1/4 cup into tablespoons, type 1÷4, press cup, and then press tbsp. That's it.

To find the number of Dollars in a Bitcoin, simply move to the currency tab, click BTC, and then USD. The result will be the price of a Bitcoin in US Dollars. Currency conversions use rates that are updated every 20 mins.

App is ad-free and open source (see Github link below).

Units Types Supported:
- Currency and cryptocurrencies
- Temperature
- Weight
- Length
- Area
- Volume
- Speed
- Time
- Fuel economy
- Power
- Energy
- Force
- Torque
- Pressure
- Digital

- Convert between historical and modern dollars: find how much $15 in 1945 is worth today
- Scrollable and selectable history of operations lets you recall both previous queries and results
- Operator keys intelligently disable to prevent syntax errors
- Dynamic font sizes keeps your numbers large and on screen
- Parenthesis matching will automatically highlighted a matching parenthesis set
- Smart parenthesis automatically close without causing an error
- Implied multiplication added between numbers and parenthesis
- Fully editable display allows for editing the middle of a input
- Copy, cut, and paste operations fully supported

- Hold percent button for ~4 seconds to switch with EE
- Hold a result in history to delete it

Checkout the open source code on Github:

Send comments, suggestions, and bugs to LlamaCorp1 (at) gmail.com
Designed and coded by Evan Respaut.

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