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A memory game for adults and kids. Improve your memory and train your brain with this fun game! How good is your memory? Can your brain handle the challenge?

Tired of matching pairs of cards in other memory games? Memory Games for Adults Chimp Champion is a different type of memory game based on a chimpanzee's skills!

These brainy animals have been proven to beat even adult human players at memory games. How would you match up against a monkey? Test your brain with Memory Games for Adults - Chimp Champion!

How to Play Memory Games for Adults Chimp Champion:
First, the player will memorize the spatial locations of the numbers. After some time, cards will cover up the numbers. The player has to tap the cards in the correct sequence. Recalling the sequence of numbers is a great way to improve your spatial and working memory. Some levels have fun distractions. Sometimes the cards move, or bananas will fly across the screen. These distractions keep the memory game interesting and will challenge your skills. Instead of cards covering up numbers, some levels involve dots that quickly flash on the screen. How fast can you count the dots?

There are 30 levels to challenge your brain. Each level is a variation on the original memory game given to chimpanzees. Furthermore, each level has four difficulty modes. The easier levels can be used for practice. The Hard level will challenge your memory. The hardest level, Chimpanzee, is designed to be difficult for humans, but chimps have the ability to easily complete them. A player will be able to improve his memory regardless of ability.

Memory Games for Adults Chimp Champion Features:
* Exercise your working memory on 30 challenges.
* Each level has Easy, Normal, Hard and Chimp difficulties.
* The game is suitable for players of all abilities, whether they are adults or kids.
* Practice chunking and improve your short term, spatial, and working memory.
* "Dots" variation to test your fast counting skills.
* Bananas, cards moving and other distractions to test your brain's power!

This game is fun for all ages. Adults will find this memory game satisfying. The easy levels can be done by kids. There is ample opportunity to practice and improve your memory skills. The hard levels might require extensive practice and training even for adults. Most of the chimpanzee levels are extremely difficult and humbling for human players, but the chimpanzee brain is capable of completing them.

Improve your memory today! Do you have the skills to beat a primate? Take the chimp challenge!

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