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SegbayPro automates your eBay Auction/bid sniping and searches, Alerts you when new items are listed within your search parameters and desired purchase price. Gives you full Mobility to eBay Bid sniper, eBay bidder, eBay bidding, eBay software and Buy, Bid, Snipe, Watch eBay items using our mobile devices APP.

SegbayPro version is the ultimate buying tool for eBay POWER BUYERS.

Fully controlled Web service synced with an APP allowing up to 200 searches at a frequency speed of 60 Seconds.
Buy, Bid, Watch and more from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME using our synced web & APP tools

SegbayPro is based on a 15 years of eBay power buyers experience and available for 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL
Segbay solutions give the buyer the speed of buying newly listed seconds after they are listed by trusted sellers

SegbayPro Main - eBay Power Buyers Automated Software tool

- Save up to 200 Searches at 60 Sec intervals
- eBay Bid-Sniper Tool, Win more auctions
- Newly Listed Bid Alerts, Favorite Seller listings
- Buy, Snipe-Bid Watch using Segbay mobile APP

Looking for items on eBay? No time for daily browsing?

SegbayPro; A complete management software for eBay auctions. Save your searches on our web service. Bid-Snipe, Buy, Watch and get notified via our SegbayPro APP and emails.
Register and Free trial on

SegbayPro Features:

- Cloud virtual server-No Downloads
- Fully integrated APP (iOS/Android)
- Up to 200 Saved searches)
- 30 Seconds query ran intervals
- 3x-way searches- saving search parameters for BuyNow, Auctions & Sellers in One Click
- Folders Libraries for headers, keywords, excluding words, favorite sellers, black listed, Product Libraries

- Search results database collected, compared, and alerts for ONLY newly listed items
- Auction enabled SNIPER placing bid in last seconds
- Sniped items Bidbay, Group snipe ability
- Query collecting all items info; conditions, Quantity, seller score, and more
- Winning items inventory, tracking and payment controls

- Auto copy search info from completed items in ONE click including categories
- Itemized tables multiple viewers, Lists & Images
- Admin controls features, auto settings, Frequency, emails, alerts, APP, Products,
Search folders, keywords, favorite sellers.
- Search Statistics, bid monitor, master search price & intervals adjustment,

Future SegbayPro Deployments; Multi auctions site price compare & search ability, worldwide Multilingual.

SegbayPro App is available for no additional cost.

1. App is available only after registering to Segbay web services (Download instructions is included).
2. App is available during the trial period at no extra cost.
3. App is fully Synced to the Web service and allows full control for the tools.
4. App tools start new searches and save them on our server, Get notified when new items are listed, when you are outbid, place a new bid directly on eBay, or place a Sniper bid on an auction, track you shipments, pay for items bought, manage inventory on items won, Auction Sniper App is available for iOS (iPhones, iPads) and Android phones and tablets.

How it works: (After Registering to Segbay and downloading the App)

1. Save your searches on the Web Server or just start a new search on the App Device.
2. The searches are running every 10 minutes and will Alert you for changes when:

a. New items are found (where listed in the last 10 minutes); Buy it Now, Auctions, Sellers
b. You can buy the items directly from the App singing into eBay.
c. Snipe any auction by placing your maximum bid on our server, the sniper will place the bid
at the last seconds before auction ending time.

* (No Contracts, No Credit Cards needed)

* (Paypal payments are accepted)


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