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Myo Dialer was built from the idea that mobile devices make more sense with your Myo armband. Simply assign a contact with a gesture combination and you will be able to make calls with a flick of a wrist. There’s no need to even take your phone out of your pocket!

• Send calls with a flick of a wrist without taking out your phone
• Assign up to four favorite contacts to specific gestures
• Ring your Myo armband on incoming calls
• Accept, end or reject calls and toggle the speakerphone/microphone with gestures
• Automatically enable the speakerphone on calls when Myo Dialer is active

• Myo armband with 1.1.4 firmware or greater:
• Phone with Bluetooth Smart (BLE) support

Myo Dialer cannot be used to call emergency services such as 911 due to restrictions in Android. For your safety, please do not rely on this app to call emergency services.

Myo Dialer can send data to Thalmic Labs when it is connected to a Myo armband. For their privacy policy, see:

This section explains the permissions required by the app.

Directly call phone numbers/read phone status and identity
These are required to make phone calls and to detect incoming calls.
Read your contacts
This is required to get contact information for selected contacts.
Disable your screen lock/prevent phone from sleeping
These are required to answer incoming phone calls, when your phone may be locked or asleep. The app will not remove your lock screen password or keep your phone constantly awake.
Full network access
This is required by the Myo and the crash reports service. You may disable these in the app settings.
Access Bluetooth settings/pair with Bluetooth devices
These are needed to pair with the Myo armband.
Change your audio settings
This is needed to toggle the speakerphone and microphone during calls.

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