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Stately for NationStates

Lloyd Torres
4.0 out of 5
100,000+ downloads

About Stately for NationStates

Stately is an unofficial app for NationStates (, a text-based political nation simulation game. Stately delivers the best NationStates experience on your mobile device.

With Stately, you can:
• Get your nation's stats, policies, rankings and happenings.
• Respond to issues encountered by your nation.
• Login and switch between different nations.
• Browse through and move to different regional communities.
• Chat with other players and more in RMBs.
• Observe and vote on current World Assembly resolutions.
• Endorse nations and participate in R/D gameplay.
• Read, manage, write and reply to telegrams.
• Discover trends in national, regional and world census statistics.
• Compile all your happenings together with the Activity Feed.
• Get notified and stay up to date on new issues, telegrams and other events.
• Make it your own: choose between five different themes and more.

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