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LifeLine Response Enterprise is a MOBILE SAFETY SERVICE and is the ORGANIZATIONAL VERSION of LifeLine Response. It is meant for organizations which have signed up for the service.

LifeLine Response for personal use is named under simply “LifeLine Response”.

What you need to know:
Today when dialing 9-1-1, it is assumed you can verbally articulate what is happening at the moment of an attack, LifeLine Response does NOT make this assumption.

This is MORE than simply a panic button app. Think of it as a home alarm system you can take with you everywhere you go.

Our Mission Statement:
We at LifeLine Response believe in safety through prevention.

We empower those who feel unsafe by bridging the gap to first responders, with a focus on allowing anyone, anywhere, at any time to feel safe and to embrace a mobile safety solution for themselves, their family, friends and communities. We understand every second counts in an emergency, and if you cannot verbally articulate what is happening to you or to others by calling 9-1-1; we are the trusted solution.

Our Inspiration:
LifeLine Response has prevented several assaults in the domestic United States. Testimonies from our community serve as motivation to ensure everyone is empowered with this technology.

One specific story close to our hearts is of 18 year old Kelsey Smith. Kelsey was abducted, assaulted and murdered in 2007. Kelsey’s father, Kansas Senator Greg Smith, has said about LifeLine Response, "If my daughter, Kelsey, had it that day, she'd still be here." This story has become a motivation. At LifeLine Response we know our product must deliver, and we invite you to utilize LifeLine Response as a mobile safety solution for you, your loved ones, and your community.

To learn more about taking control of your own safety, and joining our growing community, please consider downloading LifeLine Response today and take time to visit us at You can always find us on Facebook, Twitter or just by a simple search for “LifeLine Response” on the web.

Thank you for supporting LifeLine Response.

Please visit for a demonstration video.

Android Minimum Requirements: Android phone vers 2.3. or higher with an active mobile phone subscription and data plan. GPS functionality must be enabled to provide our 24/7 Response Center, your location and the availability to respond to your Distress Alert.

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