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Are you a brave and those who dare with everything, even with the most risky? Well then don't think twice, this is the perfect game for you! Enjoy and have fun with the most realistic graphics, you will have the feeling of being in the very reality and you'll enter free of charge, what are you waiting for? Have a great time with your friends and family, play alone or together with them to see who is the best rider in the history of horse riding.

The next Olympic equestrian games will be commemorated in England, the original country of these thoroughbred racing, thanks to your previous records you have been chosen to participate in the contest and you will run with your horse in the most important races of the year. Here you can have your own pony, attend without paying entry and the chance to win money through the bets made by you and the other riders. To be able to get the challenge you'll have to work very hard with your animal, train often the different varieties of dressage and go to the racetrack to delve into the world of chivalry. Go to run frequently, either outside in the open field or in the track riding, where you will feel more comfortable because there will be no hindrance. But beware, the competitions will be held outside, with the other competitors and with one goal: jump over obstacles that you will encounter along the way, whether stones, bars, posts or rocks.

Do not fear, train strong yourself and everything else will be a breeze. Your sole purpose is to be first to the finish, galloping at full speed and get the win. Once you finish and you get the award you will be hailed as the winner you are, lucky rider!

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