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The perfect app for any up to date Scout Leader or scout member that wants to sing around a campfire. This app, unlike some others on the market, offers the ability to view lyrics of a campfire song without the need of an internet connection as well as hearing singing of the songs, courtesy of Philip Harlow.

Features include:
* 27 campfire songs, more to come
* No need for an internet connection
* Sound files to hear how a song is to be sung
* Easier to read songs in the dark
* No wet sheets of paper round a campfire
* Works on all Android versions
* Ad-free

There will be more songs in the next major release.

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The songs and the lyrics contained within this app for your own use, although any rights of the original authors are reserved. By downloading the app, you are agreeing to abide by this copyright notice.
Please note: This app was compiled from a wide range of unknown, obscure and untraceable sources. If the copyright of any author has been inadvertently compromised then please accept my apology. If you inform me I will rectify the situation immediately.

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