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Janaseva Sisubhavan
Commenced in the year 1999, we, Janaseva Sisubhavan has initiated in this arena to eradicate the problem pertaining to child exploitation. Our sole vision is to eradicate child exploitation from the society and there by CREATE AN INDIA WITHOUT STREET CHILDREN.

Child exploitation is one of the biggest problems of the planet. It is increasing constantly. The worst part is that they must defend their life every day to face up the violence of all forms physical, verbal or psychological. The street children include those who live on the streets of a city.

Mr. José Maveli, the Founder and the Chairman of Janaseva Sisubhavan, sole vision is to offer a stable home or shelter for the street children. Children of the street lack emotional and psychological support of a family, and it’s our responsibility to give them a house. Janaseva Sisubhavan raises street children’s voices, promotes their rights and improves their lives. We are living adequate for the child's physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development. The hidden and isolated nature of street children makes it difficult to gather the exact figure. Our team is working hard to make their life better.

One important aspect that requires being taken care of is child abuse. We strive hard to make them self-supporting, confident, and well-mannered individuals contributing their best to the society.

Janaseva Girl’s Home is located at Aluva near U.C. College. There are 300 children living with utmost security and comfort under the safe wings of Janaseva Sisubhavan. In 2007 Janaseva Sisubhavan also built a Boys home at Nedumbassery. The building is situated at 61/2 acres of land, and is a 30,000 sq.ft. These buildings are equipped with all the modern amenities and international fixtures, and can accommodate approximately 300 children. It consists of primary classes up to 4th standard.

In 2008, Janaseva Sisubhavan started its own sports academy for the entire development of these destitute children. Our prime motive is to give better coaching to our children, and hence molding them as the proud citizen of India. The children of Sisubhavan have proved their excellence not only in studies but in other extracurricular activities especially sports, drawing, stage show etc… also. They scored a remarkable place in state and district school level football team.

Mile Stones

Beginning of …………..Aluva Janaseva on 26th January 1996
1996-inaguration of Janaseva scholarship plan Justice Chettoor Shankara Narayanan inaugurated Janaseva Scholarship plan at Aluva Govt:Girls High School.
1997-Free Noon meal programme of Janaseva Janaseva implemented free noon meal programme to poor students.
1999-Beginning of janaseva Sisubhavan Janaseva Sisubhavan started to save street children, who are suffering from the brutalities like child begging, child labour, sexual harassments,theft and street circus.
2000-Janaseva Sisubhavan’s first Anniversary
1997-Free Noon meal programme of Janaseva
2002-beginning of Founding home
2003-beginning of Janaseva English Medium School
2004-Janaseva SisuBhavan 4th Anniversary
2005-Beginning Stage of Janaseva Boys Home
2006-Janaseva Senior Boys Education Project Janaseva senior boys education project inauguration held by Sri: Bharath Mammootty
2006-Mother and Child home Janaseva implemented free noon meal programme to poor students.
2007-New building of Janaseva Boys Home at Nedumbassery We purchased 6 acres land to construct a multipurpose building, which has 3 floors in 30,000sq.ft. for accommodating 300 children for hostel and Education up to 4th standard. We provide Football ground, Basketball court, Volly ball court and Swimming pool in it.
2008-Janaseva Sports Academy
2014 - Janaseva Sthree Reksha Samithy

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