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After so many years of practice we have come out with a very powerful technique of meditation in which a person goes into trance and can cure his own ailments.This App Helps reducing stress which is a main cause for many types of diseases in the body.
As we know emotions are the basic cause of any disease so this app mainly works in healing the emotional part of the disease and with an experience of 16 years in the field of healing Ruchir Gupta(Practical Baba) is able to make this technique so simple that anyone can easily go into the state of deep trance and heal their own ailments by targeting the right emotional reason and right area to heal.

We have many people in the world who have benefited thru Mr.Ruchir and few of the testimonials also we have added.
AS this is made in India and a unique app of its own kind in INDIA so all the meditations are given in English as well as HINDI.
The voice meditation makes it easy to listen and go into deep trance.

with love light and reiki
Ruchir gupta(Practical Baba)

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