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Free Antivirus in real time to increase security for Android devices.
Antivirus Pro for Android (free) protects you from viruses, malware, spyware, and helps to keep your personal data safe.
Analyze applications, security settings, files, and media in real time to search for applications, viruses, malware and malicious spyware.
The most important is that Antivirus for Android provides proactive security protection against potentially dangerous applications that may disclose your personal information or content that use the battery or excessively data or have an intrusive behavior.
Antivirus Pro for Android™ allows you to control your mobile experience.

• App Advisor with ProTool Mobile Insight, verify AUTOMATICALLY applications for potential security and privacy risks, excessive battery usage or data or intrusive behavior
• Anti-Malware with ProTool Mobile Insight, detects malicious applications and viruses
• Fast and professional engine, The professional search algorithms on the device and in the cloud provide rapid analysis and virus detection in depth to increase security
• Lightweight and reduced battery consumption, Consumes less phone memory and battery power than other mobile security applications, providing the most comprehensive mobile protection
• Totally free

Our advanced social antivirus algorithm is updated regularly and allows analyzing the latest security threats to your android.

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