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It is a turn of this application in such a case whether I did not notice it though it was responded in twitter who you are or responds to somebody and was canceled, and there is not such an experience!
When your account was performed follow / re-move of in twitter, I notify you of this application in a status bar.
And I list the people who made a new follower and a re-move, and management is possible whom it was done follow / re-move by.
ー how to use
・ At first let's register your account with application.
※ This application transmits certification information nowhere.
・ From a point in time when I registered an account, the application accesses your twitter account regularly and finds out the person who canceled new follower / follow.
・ When there is the person who canceled new follower / follow, I notify you in a status bar. I start application and will confirm whom it was made follow / re-move by.
ーApp screen explanation
・ New follower tab
I display a follower in the order that found that it was responded. I am involved in people responded to and can confirm the details of the person. ※ Please confirm the details in Web or other twitter clients.
・ New remover tab
I display the user who did a re-move sequentially who found that it was made a re-move.
・ It is swipe in one's account
I change an account to display.
Please perform the addition of the account than an account management screen.
・ Users wipe on the list
I display the user details.
The follow unfollow is possible than this screen, too.
・ Update button on the action bar
I update the list of follower / removers.
・ Account management button on the action bar
I display an account management screen.
・ Setting button on the action bar
I display a setting window of the application.

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