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It is best to fall asleep of sudden drowsiness , environment and conditions if allowed . But if you got too much sleep ? Let's take advantage of the alarm clock in such a case .
This alarm app , you can set the alarm in a very simple operation to sudden drowsiness .

● alarm start at the same time as the start-up
At the same time as the start of the application , an alarm will be set immediately after the time is set in advance . Start the app , what you do is just sleep afterward .

● time setting easy and simple
Use the up and down buttons on the screen , you can set the time easily even after the start of alarm . You do not need to re- set the time to open the setting screen , Stepping multiple steps , such as re- set the alarm again .

● but instead of setting the time , setting the time
Unlike the general alarm , but instead of setting the time for the alarm , you can set the " time in between alarms " . You can set the alarm intuitively without thinking even a sudden drowsiness for that.

● 9 pieces to save the time to alarm
You can put it to save the alarm time up to 9 in advance to meet your needs . In addition , you can simply tap the alarm time is displayed on the screen , immediately alarm because is set , does not require cumbersome operation .

Other features are enriched !
- I can be set to your favorite music sound the alarm .
· I can set the wallpaper to each alarm .
• You can also tweet to Twitter when the alarm .

Not only nap , can be used in various situations !
• As a reminder .
• As a kitchen timer .
• When counterfeiting ring is required .
- As an automatic feature of Twitter tweets .
Other applications up to you !

Screen Description

Main screen
The display in the " Hours: Minutes: Seconds " the time remaining until the remaining time display alarm ...
View in : "minute time" the time when the alarm time ... alarm to work
( Can be changed in the configuration ) increase or decrease in one-minute units of time remaining until the up and down button ... Alarm
I will stop the alarm of stop button ... in progress .
I will start the alarm pause playing or button ... stop .
I will pause the alarm pause button ... in progress .

About the alarm button
Time of the alarm , upper button to display the time of day to the operation of the alarm and the lower .
Icon represents the ON / OFF of the alarm sound and vibration .
I will start the alarm on each button tap .
Each button long press , the alarm setting screen opens . In the configuration screen , please follow the instructions on the display .

Terminal menu button
I will create a shortcut to the application to create ... Home screen shortcut to the home screen .
I will make the setting for the ... entire application . In the configuration screen , please follow the instructions on the display .

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