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LightPages adds the option "Open as light Page" to your Browser Chooser. When you choose this option after clicking on a link the page will be opened via Google Web Light in your favorite browser. More information about this service by Google is available at:

Using Google Web Light can lead to four times faster page load times & 80% less data usage. To achieve these numbers the look of the page gets heavily modified. For this to work the data has to be sent through Googles Severs.

In most of the cases the homepages are absolutely usable despite the huge modifications but go ahead and check it out for yourself :)


- Open clicked Links as light Pages
- Open any Link as a light Page from within the app
- Choose your favorite Browser to open light Pages


The app only transforms the provided links to Google Web Light Links & opens them afterwards. If you want to you can do this by hand:{YOUR URL}

LightPages & the Developer of this App aren't affiliated with Google Inc.

Google Web Light isn't the official name of this service by Google but there doesn't seem to be one yet.

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