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The little dino was sent back on earth after being arrested by aliens for genetic experiments which makes it developed itself by eating other creatures. The more it eat, the more it develop.
Aliens have traveled to the earth in Jurassic era and hunted dinosaurs both eggs and growths such as Triceratops, Raptor or the king of the dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus. They selected the best in each species by letting them fight or battle each other until they found the survivor. Then they used the dinosaur's genes to modify and breed for the best dinosaur specie. The experiment was not as expected because most of the dinosaurs are weak so they were treated as pets or showed in a zoo or safari park for alien children or kids. Some of them cannot control. They attack or dash aliens and got them injured. Therefore they were killed. Some was used in Realistic Adventure Simulator Game for the aliens who are fond of hunting and some have been converted into robots. In the final experiment, aliens mixed all dinosaurs’ breeds together to get the ultimate breed but the result was a weak dinosaur. The aliens gave up on them and left them in the forest or jungle on an island on the earth without knowing that these dinosaurs could develop itself by eating!!!! On this island filled with many dangers, this tiny dino could be killed at any time. In order to survive in this world, it needed to develop itself to the ultimate form. Adventure of little dinosaur's food hunting has begun.

★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★
- Hunt various kinds of dinosaurs in the island
- Absorb nutrients for evolution

- 15 Steps of dinosaur development
- 12 kinds of dinosaurs to hunt for food
- Evolution System
- Beautiful scenes and effects
- Free food from watching video

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