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Spinosaurus lived on the island in a land filled with many ferocious dinosaurs . There is just only the strongest will survive . To play is just control Spinosaurus through a joystick to fight or attack the dinosaur as enemy to strengthen itself . The free game is a survival battle and simulator with dinosaur and realistic graphics world which man , woman , children and adult can play .
On this dangerous island is savage and scary angry dinosaurs habitat for many species , clans of the Jurassic Cretaceous and other period such as Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex , which was named as the king of the dinosaurs , Triceratops has horns to attack , Raptor is clever and nimble , Carnotaurus have sharp teeth for biting and tearing flesh and many others which live in the jungle or a desert in this island . The player mission is to combat , kill and eliminate dinosaur boss in each zone which live in areas surrounded by flames . Dinosaur boss are stronger, fiercer and bigger than normal dinosaurs . To eliminate it and you have be stronger , evolution or be the ultimate form only . Spinosaurus meaning spine lizard , which has a narrow beak filled with conical teeth sim vs animal life . They are carnivore , viviparous predators ( reproduction by laying eggs ) hunter and they hunt in the water for most of the time which is the main character in this free fighting simulator world game .

★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★
- Control the character by joystick to kill of enemies
- Upgrade the abilities
- Fight boss in each zone.

- Smooth realistic character control
- Missions and upgrade abilities and system
- The ultimate character
- Three beautiful world scene (the jungle, the desert , the boss room)
- Enthusiastic music , noises and sounds
- Beautiful UI , button , animation and effect

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