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BACnet /IP client, allows to discover and access devices on the local network or Register as a Foreign Device to a remote network through the cellular network, Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet interface.

✔ Devices and their associates objects are automatically discovered on the network.

✔ Create list of objects. List allows to group objects and save them for later reading /writing access. Import / export lists.

✔ Allows to perform read and write operations on the property Present_Value for objects of the following type:

Binary Input, Binary Output, Binary Value, Analog Input, Analog Output, Analog Value, Multi-state Input, Multi-state Output and Multi-state Value.

✔ Allows to read all available properties of the BACnet objects.

✔ Support for write command Priority (selectable priority and NULL value / Relinquish Default).

✔ AtomicReadFile, download BACnet object file to the SD Card of your Android device.

✔ Configuration: UDP port, Device Id and Device Name, Who-Is device instance range, default write priority, Foreign Device.

✔ Allows to research an object or device by typing its name or instance number.

✔ Devices can be sorted by name, instance, vendor or model.

✔ Objects can be sorted by name, instance or type.

✔ Dynamic user interface with multi-pane on devices with large screen / tablets.

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