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About Loadsmart Loads

Search, find, and accept loads with a single tap with the Loadsmart Loads App!

We streamline your administrative tasks, eliminating the back-and-forth phone calls and emails, so you can operate more profitably. Our mobile app is the fastest, easiest way to find the freight that keeps your trucks full.

Book Instantly
Quickly sort through thousands of available loads by pickup location, destination, rate, and more. When you find one you like, explore all its details such as equipment type, appointments, requirements, and other instructions you need to decide to book it now.

You can even receive instant alerts when a new load matches any of your preferred lanes or is available on lanes you’ve run historically.

Bid on Loads
Need a better price? Give us your best offer. It's super fast and easy: place a bid on the load you want to negotiate and receive a response that your bid has been awarded or rejected in just a few minutes. If awarded, just confirm and the load is instantly yours - it's not an auction!

Around-the-clock Support
Our award-winning carrier operations team is ready to help 24/7 via phone, email, and chat.

Whether you are a Dispatcher or an Owner-Operator, you will find all the tools you need:

- A list of available loads
- User-friendly shipment details
- All load details, a clear price, and a Book button in a single online dashboard
- A Bid option so you can negotiate better rates
- Immediate rate confirmations sent to your email
- One view of all your current shipments details

Loadsmart's mission is to revolutionize transportation logistics. We develop cutting-edge, user-friendly technology for shippers and carriers. Our solutions help companies move freight fast, keep trucks full, and get drivers home.

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