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Memory Notepad (formerly know as Click'a Note) is a visual, easy to use notepad. It is a bit more than a notepad. It is a journal, diary, notepad, album, and much more. The buttons are labeled so that any user can navigate through the application with ease. The notepad can be used as a journal, diary, or simply notes. Users choose an image of a particular event with a title and a description. Additionally, users can pick a date from last night to 10 years back, or more. Once the event is captured in the app, the user can see the title, date taken and an image on the right-hand side. Users can press on the image to view it in full screen, edit/change image, and edit the description for the event. Take a look and enjoy the ease of typing note, or journal entries.

James @codebyjames

Easy-to-use User Interface
Choose Background Color
Save date of an important event or a good night
Create notes with images from Camera or Gallery
Edit notes simply and quickly
Dark design
Multiple Colors
Simple and Fast
A-Z sort

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