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This is a great way to play the classic game of Truth or Dare. Over 600 Truth and Dare questions. Enjoy the game as a party game or as any other casual entertainment. The game allows up to 14 players to join. Fast, fun, and simple! This game has a focus on multiplayer. Use the "press" button to randomly generate whose turn it will be to play. On the truth/dare screen, swipe from left to right to generate next question. Additionally, you can swipe right to left to pick new truth/dare.

✦ Swipe Truth/Dare Question Screen (not home screen) up & down for dark/light mode.
✦ Choose different fonts for the truth/dare question.
✦ Add your own truth or dare question
✦ Random player turn
✦ Use Redo Button or Swipe from left to right (for new truth/dare)
✦ Shake device for new truth/dare
✦ Online & Offline
✦ 14 players
✦ Over 600 questions
✦ Kids, Teens, Family

***Please be careful while using the app
***I hold no responsibility for any injury caused to you while using this app

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