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Language and Locale Set is a controlling content area with selectors . If you want to change other languages by th mobile phone or your mobile phone hasn't the language selection , you could use this App as mobile phone language system . You can set the language system quickly , the mobile desktop and others will be changed the language which you choose . Such as , key touch selector , select Chinese language , then its language will be simplified Chinese which make you mobile phone with Chinese characteristics . Language and Locale Set contains a variety of languages which are translated and checked professionally . More simplicity , rapidity and practicality , is the best choice of language lovers .

Language and Locale Set tool supports Android phone language settings, if your phone does not come with so many languages, you can use this tool to modify, but can be set only area local language support for languages ​​such as games can use this tool set.

Language and Locale Set allow you to set the phone without opening the complex interface, directly in the program a button to change the current regional and language phone, the volume is very small.

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