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Award winning Application Localise provides you with a live feed of offers, products and services based on your location in an unobtrusive and engaging fashion, allowing you to be in touch with what local businesses around you are offering whilst on the move. As well as delivering bundles of feel good products and offers which are bespoke to you, Localise allows you to engage with your local businesses via their social networks and even share their products with your friends directly. *Beta Version*

*Please note* We are currently piloting Localise in a number of towns across Kent & Essex. Can we ask a favour? Please do not leave any negative comments around the fact that there are not enough businesses on Localise yet. We are working on this every day and Localise is filling up steady pace. If you are unable to find businesses local to you currently, it is only a matter of time before you will be able to. Please be patient and give us a little more time. Then you can leave lots of lovely positive comments about how we are helping you to shop local. Thank you!

For Users:

Download Localise, register with your home postcode (and work postcode if you want) and immediately tap into a live stream of images, videos and posts from all the lovely local businesses around your home or work. Find businesses you never knew were there and take advantage of exclusive offers being pushed out to your local community. Expand your catchment area via the settings and cast your net as wide as 100 miles to pull in as many local businesses as you want. As well as browsing locally, Localise also allows you to:

* Search for specific businesses and get in touch with them or locate them in seconds
* Follow the businesses that interest you most and keep up to date with them regardless of your location.
* Like posts to store them on your Localise profile page so you can find them again easily
* Use the business directory to see what's around you wherever you are
* Search the newsfeed to find a specific product you're looking for using hash tags
* Find out 'What's Hot' around the country and explore the most popular posts Nationwide
* Comment on posts and share them onto FB, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and more

Why not add your company and start using Localise to promote your business? Easy peasy! Select 'Add your business' and its done in seconds. Switch between your personal account and business account at the tap of your screen.

For Business Owners:

Localise gets your business directly in front of customers. Customers that could potentially be right outside your door. If you’re looking to attract more customers, increase visibility, and generate more traffic to your business, Localise gives you the platform that helps you market to a customer base that are actively looking to shop. They just need to decide where.

1 in 5 smartphone users do their shopping through an app. This statistic is set to increase as people get busier and businesses get ‘app-ier. Start getting in front of Localise users now, and Localise can help you:

* Attract more customers to your business and increase its visibility by marketing to an active customer base
* Share your products with customers who could potentially be right outside your door
* Get directly in front of customers in a targeted and cost-effective way
* Generate more traffic to your business whilst reaching a wider audience
* Tap in to a pool of customers you may not otherwise have access to
* Show your customers how much you value their feedback, and get to know your customers by interacting with them directly
* Link your Social Networks to your Localise account increasing visibility for your complete online presence

For a Limited time only, we are offering Localise for FREE for business owners and for the first businesses registered with Localise, the service will remain free for ever. To take advantage of this limited offer, download Localise, register and then add your business.

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