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About Мышкин — аудио гид

An introductory guide for mobile city Myshkin will give you a general idea of ​​the city as a place for tourism and will be useful for all who care about travel. The app was created in collaboration with the Tourist Information Center of the city of Myshkin.

City Myshkin Yaroslavl region - one of the smallest towns on the Volga River, the population of 6 thousand people, which, thanks to its power merchant mansions and stately temples has gained fame as a "city of the classical Russian province.". In Myshkin twisted tale, and profit, vanity fairs and peaceful rhythm of everyday provincial life - it makes the town incredibly attractive to visit the nature reserve of Russian antiquity.

The city has about three dozen of unique tourist sites and hundreds of lines to them on every street corner. Our guide will tell some more about them, as well as carried out in the city of festivals. Also, the guide provides information on how to get to Myshkin, places to rest and where you can eat in the city.

See "Information" contains links to useful sites where you can find the current schedule, the program of events and other useful information.

Duration 24 minutes audioguide.

Narrator: Vladimir Fedotov

Download this and other mobile guides Localoud - they are perfect for those who walks by himself. We wish you only good rest and exciting journeys!

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