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Please take a look at the full list of controls/instructions at https://discgolfunchained.com/faq/

Disc Golf Unchained is the most realistic disc golf video game on any platform!

This is what we've been working towards for several years now and version 1.0 represents a lot of very hard work by the entire team. We're in a really unique position to bring this amazing sport to people and places all over the world and we take this responsibility seriously.

Disc Golf Unchained was made with the real disc golfer in mind, but it's also a great introduction to the sport for those unfamiliar. Test your skills on multiple courses in unique environments, and marvel at the beauty of disc flight over beautiful landscapes. With 6 different biomes available, any player should be able to find something similar to their local courses!

-Head to head multiplayer with random opponents or with friends
-All discs are based on real world discs and fly true to their design
-6 Biomes including Wooded Hills, Wasteland, Glacier, Tropics, Swampland and Pines
-6 Single player courses with online leaderboards
-Over 1 billion procedurally generated holes
-Player progression earns new biomes, courses, discs, and achievements
-Increase your power, accuracy and putting

Local Route Labs has spent years developing a true-to-life disc golf flight system, and Disc Golf Unchained takes full advantage of time well spent. The flight engine is what truly separates Disc Golf Unchained from other disc golf games, and the realistic flight behavior is what the entire game is built around. Disc Golf Unchained lets you throw through open landscapes and tight fairways, and the discs fly and negotiate obstructions just as they do in real life!

Increase your skills and earn experience to unlock new content, including new discs and courses. The player progression system allows you to create a profile and improve your attributes as you make your way through the game.

As you play through Disc Golf Unchained, you will earn experience and be able to pick up new discs. Every disc in the game is modeled from a real disc golf disc, and flight paths can vary wildly from disc to disc. Play with a variety of flight styles with variations in weight, speed, glide, and stability. Choose your favorites and build your bag from the bottom up.

Disc Golf Unchained was developed by people who actually play disc golf, and we will continue to work to make the game the best it can be. Keep an eye out for new updates, which will continually add new features/enhancements and the ability to get fresh new content, including courses and discs. If you know of something you think should be in the game, get in touch with us, and will do our best to make it happen. We want Disc Golf Unchained to be the most satisfying disc golf experience out there aside from being on the actual course.

Just try to avoid calling it Frisbee Golf, Frolf, or Disk Golf...it’s called Disc Golf!

Version 1.0 Release Notes

-Head to Head Multiplayer
-New basket model
-New chain engine for the baskets
-Enabled fog
-Network optimizations
-Stickier baskets
-Improved loading times
-Added in-game invitation notice with ability to accept or decline
-Updated Patreon supporters list in credits
-Rebalanced putting throw power
-Reduced wind effects
-Added audio notification of quick match connection
-Reduced effect of putting attribute on throw meter speed
-Display number of holes played in a head to head session
-Keep track of head to head session match score
-Save currently selected tee and basket
-Reduced shadow quality to High until pine trees can be remodeled
-Added realtime shadows
-Simplified chain mesh to possibly fix laggy basket
-Built out the infrastructure for future Avatar system
-UI Updates: Player Info, Hole Header, Purchase Currency
-New menu SFX
-Added two new IAP products for currency purchases

Quick Stats

3 months

since last update