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LocateUp is a Friends & Family Locator + Location Bookmarking app

# LocateUp is like WhatsApp for locations, Swipe to ask your friends & family "Where are you ?" and know their current location.

# LocateUp is a Location bookmarking app, Save your locations to easily recall and share with others. For every location it provides you an short URL which can be easily shared with others, even with those who don't have LocateUp. You can also add description, address & picture of the location.

How this is better than Life360 Family Locator, Locate and Find My Friends, GPS Phone Tracker, Location Tracker ?
With LocateUp you are asked or updated every time your friends or family checks your location. You cannot be followed or stalked without you knowing it.

People want to know where are you or you want to know where am I, hence it can be used to:
- Find my phone - GPS Phone locator or Mobile Location Tracker to track your phone.
- Find my friends - GPS friend locator to track your friends.
- Find my family - GPS family locator to track your family.
- Find my employees - GPS employee locator to track your employees in field.

Why else do you need LocateUp ?
While sharing and asking for an address, Do you need to give all this information ?
- Address
- Directions
- Landmark
- Description of building/area
- Phone number, saying "Call me, if you still get lost"
And Google Maps or other navigation apps take you to the area, but not the exact location? If you could relate to the above problem, then LocateUp is the solution for you.

It's like Bitly for locations, the URL for location can be alphanumeric or personalized.
- Location-ID is a Free, Personal and Permanent digital address with an URL for your locations.
- Location-Code is Free, alphanumeric digital address with an URL for your locations.

Locate up now and do share your feedback and suggestions to help us improve it.

Cheers !
Team LocateUp

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