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Now never miss a spot with the iArrived Location Alarm App.

With an intuitive user interface, create multiple location alarms and get notified as you enter an alarm boundary.
It can also be used to notify your friends or family about your location. Just choose contacts to be notified while creating a location alarm and an SMS will be sent to those contacts when you reach near the destination.


1. Create multiple alarms with ease.
2. Search for a place with suggestions or tap anywhere on the map to add a location alarm with radius in miles or kilometres.
3. Add multiple contacts to be notified for each alarm.
4. Get notified when you enter a given alarm boundary.
5. If contacts are chosen to be notified, an SMS notification will be sent to those contacts.
6. If you don't want to get disturbed, just unckeck 'Notify Me'.
7. If there are no active alarms, then the service will not run in the background (to save some precious juice).
8. The alarms remain active even after your phone is restarted (explicit permission required on some devices).
9. Delete all the alarms at once or click on a marker to delete a single alarm.
10. See all alarms on the map.
11. Edit an existing alarm.
12. Disable an existing alarm. A disabled location alarm will be shown in a Grey Circle.
13. Remove all the unused markers from the map.
14. Customize the map view with settings like Satellite View, Traffic Data etc.
15. Customize your notifications settings like the notification tone, vibration pattern etc.
16. Search for a place by voice command.

Languages supported:
1. English
2. French
3. Danish
4. German
5. Spanish
6. Swedish
7. Finnish
8. Irish
9. Croatian
10. Hungarian
11. Italian
12. Georgian
13. Dutch
14. Polish
15. Slovak
16. Slovenian

** This is a free version and contains ads.
** On some Android flavors, like MIUI, you have to explicitly give permissions from Settings -> Apps -> iArrived.
** On some devices, you have to explicitly grant run on startup permission to the iArrived app.

Following are a couple of prerequisite:

1. Location enabled on your android device.
2. Google Play Services to be installed.

Permissions Explained:

1. Send an SMS only when a contact is provided while creating an alarm.
2. Access location of your device.
3. Read the external storage to set a custom notification tone.

1. Network access to load Google Maps.
2. Run on startup to reload alarms when the device is restarted.
3. Control vibration during a notification.
4. Prevent phone from sleeping if user enables 'Keep Screen On'.
5. Read contacts

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