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Discovering places you are looking for is now easier than ever. Locish is powered by meaningful microreviews that appreciate your precious time and unique tastes. It brings a new way of searching which scores each place differently depending on the keyword you search for. Discover why and not only which places are good; right here, right now.

★Use Locish to:
-Find any place you want; restaurants, bars, shops etc.
-Get the results you ask for through search; there is no fixed overall score.
-Save the places you like for later
-Write microreviews on places you like ...or don’t like!
-Share your insight with friends and followers
-Use Locish when you travel for the best and fastest local insight

★Why download Locish?
With Locish, you can search for places and get relevant results right now to ensure you’ll never spend a dull day again. Locish provides ratings for places without simply throwing a fixed and inexplicable score your way. It uses microreviews generated by savvy locals to assess and rank places according to your search and the particular keyword you are looking for. Searching on Locish will give you with smart, fast and easy- to- understand results.

★How does it work?


Locish is an awesome tool to use. You can search for places you want to go to by typing in the keyword you are looking for e.g pizza. We will give you ranked results of the top places for that specific keyword; we don’t just generically list the top pizzerias in the city ranked for their overall performance. Based on the local microreviews, Locish sorts through the information and gives you places which people reviewed for good pizza.

-Posting Microreviews

Have your voice heard! To post a microreview, all you have to do is a choose a place and pick a smiley that corresponds to your experience there. Were you happy with the place or not? What is it that you liked or didn’t like? Write what most stood out in 140 characters to give your friends and the community a head’s up.

★Can you use Locish if you travel?

Yes! Locish is a global app and enables you to search for places and read microreviews posted by locals when you travel abroad. It has never been easier you get to all the local insight which can help make your trip as genuine as possible.

★What places can you find around you?

Any place. Yep, that’s right. Are you looking for a restaurant to have lunch or dinner? Perhaps a new bar with great cocktails for Friday night? The best shopping districts? In fact, perhaps you are going to travel abroad and want to have local insight and check out the best restaurants,museums, parks etc? Whatever it is and wherever you are, Locish will grant you access useful microreviews to give you the best experience.

★Save your favorite places for a rainy day

Locish features a new saved places library. If you come across a place you like on Locish, you can always save it to your library. You might see a post about a quaint restaurant that just opened or a microreview about the best summer clubs! If you like them, save them and next time you are looking for a club, all you have to do is go to your saved places and see which saved clubs are near you.

★Why is it different than other recommendations apps?

Put simply, Foursquare and Yelp provide you with great recommendations but Locish drowns the irrelevant and wordy noise! You search for what you want to find and get places others have specifically reviewed as being good for that.

You no longer have to spend time asking around, searching for long reviews or hoping you walk into some place great; Locish makes your everyday outings and trips all the more memorable.

Have any questions or problems? Please contact support@locish.com

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