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Smart Face Lock makes it easy to unlock the apps and your phone that you want to keep private with AI and facial recognition tech. Your face is the biometric keys that unlock your apps, so only you can access them. Face Lock also protects privacy security with pattern or PIN password for Android phone .Face lock is for security of your phone and apps. You will open your phone or access your personal apps only if it recognizes your face.
★ App Lock
App locking provides security for social media apps, easily locking Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and many others without interrupting your chat!
★ Face Lock
Uses the world's leading self-developed multi-biometric feature technology. The core face detection and recognition function allows you to quickly unlock and access the locked pages. It now takes less than 1 second to unlock the screen.
► Protect privacy by using AI and face recognition
► Verify your face to access the personal apps safely and instantly
► No fear of forgetting password
★ Lockscreen
Make your phone's lock screen more beautiful and more safer.
★ Intruder Selfie
When the incorrect passwords are entered for several times, the phone automatically takes a snapshot, allowing you to know who is snooping on your phone’s private information;
【How to use】:
We hope you find Face Lock is very easy to use. Here are a few hints to help you get started:
1.You will also be asked to create a backup authentication option, which can be either a PIN, pattern or password. You can use your backup method if conditions are too extreme for face
2.Make sure you are in a bright location. If you're having trouble enrolling, it might be too dark . Look for text in the upper right of the screen telling you what the problem is.
3. During enrollment, look at the camera with your face clearly visible and centered in the box until enrollment completes.
【Face Lock Support】:
For any questions, please click 【feedback】or send us an email at: guograce1908@gmail.cn.

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