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Guard against spying & protect your personal photos & videos by unauthorized persons.

Lock Your Apps : New Applocker is an app lock free to increase privacy protection for the apps in your android smartphone. It is an app lock for all apps with app password to protect your apps from intruder who is trying to peek in your apps. By setting up a password, users will put an extra layer of protection on their apps and nobody will be able to access the apps.With this password protection, users can keep the children away from sensitive material and make the phone children free.

Download Lock Your Apps : New Applocker and attain padlock for your apps in the phone for app locking. It Is a smart app lock app, by installing this app lock free, you will never have to worry about the intruder who will peek into the apps of your phone. In the vault option, users can lock single files of images, videos and media files in the gallery through smart applock. It is an app lock for all apps which conceals single files in large folder. Users can privatise their gallery by putting single images in vault to hide it from the gallery altogether in this app lock free.

How to use Lock Your Apps :

• Install and open Lock Your Apps, an app lock for all apps on the android phone.
• Select all of those big folders which users want to lock with this smart app lock.
• Use password protection facility in this app lock free to lock the apps.
• Vault option uses encryption for hiding images in this app lock for all apps.
Hide all the image, pictures, videos and media files from the gallery with password app locking.
• Change and remove password whenever you want from the settings in this safe lock app.
• Increase protection for your apps with Lock Your Apps.

Features of Lock Your Apps:

o Lock Your Apps has a safe lock feature so users don’t have to worry about intruders who try to peek into the apps of the users.
o In this app lock for all apps, users have two options, users can password protect their apps and folders and vault single files from large folders with safe lock.
o Change or remove password at will from phone settings in this smart applock.
o This app lock for all apps works offline and has zero costs.

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