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Begin a fish loving adventure with a goofy guppy who's hungry as can be. He’s in a bowl, all by himself waiting for some fun. Just tap the tank, stack the bank, and feed him one by one.

-Start off the game owning a small fishy
-Tap the fish tank to earn coins
-Use the coins to buy fish food from the shop
-Feed the fish food to your small fishy, until the fish levels up and grows
-Continue feeding your fish until he evolves into a new fish
-When the fishy outgrows his tank, a larger fish tank will need to be earned
-Increase gold revenue and experience points by using upgrades from the shop

-Beautiful Graphics
-Relaxing Tropical Music
-Addictive Game-play
-35 Fish to Grow and Evolve
-9 Fish Bowls and Habitats to Unlock Bigger Fish

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