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This application is extremely energizing and playing around with confronts you can put whiskers and mustache and this is The Art of Manliness. you can utilize diverse style and make your look additionally dazzling. you can make hunky looks of yours and appreciate it.Face changer and mustache is a decent engross and offbeat application for android client.

In this application you can either instrument picture from you Mobile display OR you can even now another one from your Mobile Camera. Presently you can change the Hair Style of your craved picture and can change the mustache and facial hair. This is truly an enthralling capacity.

We have distinctive classes of the hair and various types of mustache and Beard. You can picked your craved style of Hair OR Mustache OR Beard and glue it to your Photo Face.


1. You can Crop the measure of Hair and Mustache and Re size it which is precisely fit on your Photo face.

2. You can change the shading of Hair and Mustache and Beard.

3. Totally a look commended in the wake of actualizing these capacities.

4. Eventually you can share it on Facebook or simply spare it into your telephone display.

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