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Welcome to the next evolution of Fantasy Sports – Locker Room Picks' Fantasy Sportsbook Betting. Tired of your friend talking smack about his favorite team? There’s nothing like a little friendly wager to add some juice to the game…

The Fantasy Sportsbook from Locker Room Picks lets you challenge your friends to put their “virtual” money where their mouth is. An easy to use mobile device application, the Fantasy Sportsbook allows you to place virtual bets against your friends, the house, even strangers, on any sports game. With this application Locker Room Picks has made it easy to select a game, see the current lines, and make the challenge to one or more friends. And you can also send along a friendly personal message with your challenge!

Using your virtual coins, you can make the challenge as rich as you want – see if your friend is willing to back up the smack talk with his virtual bankroll. Weekly tournaments let you test your picking skills against other players, sports celebrities and even professional handicappers. Everybody has a sport they are passionate about. Locker Room Picks' Fantasy Sportsbook lets you take your passion to another level, without risking the mortgage or your marriage, and without requiring you to spend hours poring over player stats. Just pick a game, pick a friend, say your piece and let the virtual betting begin!

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