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BBM Lock. Keep your BBM.conversations safe with 'BBM Lock'.
It is simple and the best app for BBM Lock on play Store.

Why is it simple?

Set a new password and Start the lock.
Yes its that simple!

Why is it Best?
You can customise these options by clicking on 'Advanced Options'.

Choose Pattern lock or Number Lock.
Running notification enable/disable in status bar.
Relock delay: You can set the waiting time to relock after one successful login.
Change background color of the lock screen.
Gallery lock to protect Images &Video.
Unistall protection. Intruders can't bypass the lock by uninstalling it.
Low Battery usage and High performance.

Want more reasons?
1. Read what our users say in the reviews section.
2. Even better, why don't you give your own opinion by installing our app?

The only Lock on play store, that has the feature 'Prevent uninstall' in a simple and non-annoying way and users cant bypass by clearing data if this option is checked.
We don't bombard our users with advertisements like other apps. We adhere to strict user satisfaction with only 1 ad.
No shortcut ads, no icons, no malware.

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1) If you are using any battery saver or ram booster application, make sure that they wont kill this Lock application service.
2) To prevent uninstall of the app, we make it as device administrator. The app doesn't modify your phone's settings in anyways.

Credits: thanks to http://www.haibison.com/ for pattern lock library.

Disclaimer: This app doesn't belong to BBM Company in anyway.
All logos belong to their respective owners.

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