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The LocknLoad system provides account holders with the following:

. Quick upload of information to a comprehensive online management system
. The ability to promptly secure and organize important information for future reference and protected sharing
. Safe exclusive online access
. Information is temper -proof (timed and dated on receipt)
. Provide you with quick access to your important information
. Unlimited document files for information storage
.The ability to share information
. The ability to upload document to a job file

The APP and what it does
. When a photo has been captured in the application ,you have the ability to add multiple pointers to the image to illustrate what you are describing in your message
. The system automatically logs the GPS location for each image taken.Up to ten images can be uploaded at any one time.

New features include the ability to fill out from the APP:
-Record of Work Documents
-Health and Safety Worksheets including Toolbox meetings, Site Induction and Accident/Incident Register
-Improved Time sheet recording
-Webpage Profile – Promote your business by sending photos of your work to your webpage profile
-Improved features for employment management
To sign up for a LocknLoad account go to www.locknloadhub.co.nz

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