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Weather Lockscreen OS10 is a simple application that provides weather forecasts for the next 3 days based on your current location or any location in the world.

Using our app , your lockscreen will look like phone 6, phone 7 with latest style í?S10.You can more pro with weather forecast. It’s very awesome when you interested in weather.
Features Lock Screen OS10 :
- Use password, passcode to protect your phone in the best way with the most beautiful style OS 10
- Press home to unlock
- Set password or passcode simple and safe
- Many beautiful wallpapers full HD from íÕS9 wallpaper and OS 10 wallpaper, wallpaper clean, effect wallpaper.
- Change text slide to unlock, example: "I love you" or "You are my sunshine" or " Lock Screen Style OS 10 is perfect and great ^^"
- Support time format 12-Hour or 24-Hour 
- You can set your own personalized image from iGallery 
- You can fully customize your Lock Screen or use the our style phone 6, 6s and phone 7 
- Control tab support quick setting wifi bluetooth audio screen rotation
- iControl tab support quick start flash light, iAlarm, iCalculator, iCamera
- Music tab support play iMusic in your iLock screen
- You can slide to activate the iCamera, awesome camera will open for you quickly
- Read notification in Lock Screen
- Enter your 4 -digit password to unlock the screen
- You can slide right to activate the iCamera
- You can slide left to activate the widget
- iControl with two tab style OS 10
- Tomorrow event to remind you of what to do tomorrow
- Turn on/off wifi, Bluetooth, GPS in Lock Screen
- Quick startup iCalculator, iFlashlight, iClock, iCamera
- Show battery percent, time date
- Smart Control setting wifi, mobile data, bluetooth.
- Use iControl for turn on/off flash light, orientation
- Read miss call, message and notification from Lock Screen
- See weather style OS10, choose a city where you want to track weather
- Play imusic on the Lock Screen
Smart Control
- New theme with two tabs control center style ?Ós 10
- Turn on/off Airplane Mode, Wi-FI, Silent mode, Data Connection, Portrait Orientation Lock, Screen Timeout, Vibration Mode, Bluetooth, GPS
- Support slide to adjust the brightness
- Support play iMusic on the iLock Screen

Very simple to use Weather Lockscreen OS10 :
- Install Weather Lockscreen OS10
- Open setting and enable iLock to your phone
- Setting and change passcode, password
- Setting weather
- Setting wallpaper style OS 10 or wallpaper OS 9 to Lock Screen 
- Change text “Press home to unlock”, change text color
- Change time format 12-hour or 24 hour
- Turn on/off iCamera
- Don’t forget share, rate and comment for Weather Lockscreen OS10
- Provides current weather conditions, next 24 h and 3 day forecasts
- You can choose C or F degress for your weather app
- Provides rain forecasts for next three days
- Powerful location search
- Shows current time in location
- Shows sunrise and sunset times
- Provides information in different units (celcius/fahrenheit)
- Provides several time and date formats
- Current weather shows temperature, Humidity, wind, pressure and Weather condition 
- Next 24 h weather shows temperature and Weather conditions in 3 hour steps
- Next 3 days shows maximum and minimum teperatures and weather conditions for day and night for next five days 
- Rain forecast shows rain amounts in millimeters for next five days
- Beautiful effect weather : rainy effect, snow effect, sunny effect,...
- Push locator icon to get your current location weather
- Enter city/country to search field and push search -icon
- Swipe left-to-right to move between different screens

Download now and turn your phone into íPhõnè 7 with OS 10. We will give you a great experience , and completely different from the style íÒS10 for phónè 6 and phòn? 7.

The Weather Lockscreen OS10 app is designed to be as simple and quick to use as possible without any extra clicks or actions.

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