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Feature: Usually user have to unlock the phone & then only user can make calls but in this app spry call, user can directly make calls without unlocking the phone, only the thing is to save the contact number through this app n it will show you on your home screen without unlocking the phone.

Call Feature: spry call reshapes communication too easy fast so that nobody faces any circumstances to unlock the phone and then make a call, so that people find it easy to make calls in case of Emergency.

Eradication of Password: spry call Eradicates the password to unlock the phone, directly can make calls without giving passwords & patterns.

Q- 1 How to add contact?
Click on small red contact button to pick contact. at last click on start button to save it/enable lock screen widget.

Q- 2 How to change default contact icon?
Click menu -> Settings and Select default contact icon and select any one.

Q- 3 How to disable app?
Click menu -> Settings and uncheck Widget Status check box.

Privacy Policy
This app needs Read Contact permission and make a way to call from lock screen.
User data not uploaded to anywhere or not modified at all.

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