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Are you bored with your phone’s standard screebnlock passcode? Do you want to unlock phone and unlock screen with cute smiley codes? Now you can do it with Cute lock screen Pass Code. This is a phone lock app that displays cute wallpaper in place of the standard screen lock. It’s fun, trendy, and FREE to use. The smily faces and cute wallpaper will make you smile every time you unlock screen. So, download and install this app to your Android phone now!
There are many ways to customize your Android phone. The most basic way is to change your phone’s background. Maybe you want to add some widgets too. Do you know that now you can chance the default look of your phone lock screen? You don’t have to be satisfied with old fashioned classic screen lock. You can use smiley code sequence instead of the old screenlock code to unlock phone and unlock screen. Want to try it out now? Read more for more information or you can download our phone lock app immediately and use our smileys to lock your phone!
Phone lock is important for security purpose so no one can access your phone unauthorized. Any screenlock app that you use must be fast, secure, and simple, which is what our app offers. Not only that, Cute Lock Screen offer many colorful HD wallpapers to choose and colorful smileys to make your screen lock looks more stunning. Your passcode doesn’t need to look boring and old fashioned now. You can enjoy the looks on your screen as you enter the passcode sequence that is needed to unlock phone and unlock screen.
ϑ Our smily phone lock is 100% FREE to use.
ϑ Very easy to set up and use to lock your phone.
ϑ Secure and fast to unlock phone.
ϑ Get HD wallpapers for background to make your phone screen looks more beautiful.
ϑ Colorful smily faces as smiley code instead of old fashioned passcode.
ϑ Swipe the screen in the right sequence to unlock screen.
ϑ Continuous improvement for our app.

With Cute Lock Screen Pass Code, you will have a truly unique screen lock. Instead of dots, you can see smileys and puppy . Swiping the passcode sequence feels a lot more fun now because you can see those cute emoticons expression. There are also HD wallpapers to improve the appearance of your phone. You can enjoy beautiful phone background on your HD phone screen.
Our phone lock screen app is FREE to use forever. Don’t waste money just make your phone looks pretty because you can do it for FREE.

So are you ready to make your phone screen looks different from your friends and family? If you do, simply download and install Cute Lock Screen Pass Code on your phone now!
If you find any issue with our app, please contact us on our email address so we will be immediately notified about it and work to solve the issue as soon as possible. Love our Cute passcode and screenlock app? Please leave a rating and review to show your support for us!

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