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We communicate you one of the best smart applications on the store, This is the Application "Fingerprint Screen Lock Prank", thanks to its advanced parameters in terms of image with an interface that looks real and which contains all the data from display your own phone to know the time, date, and the percentage of the battery too, and in terms of sound and vibration that is a well-programmed animation to get to meet your needs and technological expectations up 'at the end.

Prank Fingerprint Screen Lock is an application with fingerprint option, but that may never secure or protect the display against curious is an intelligent application that allow you to make jokes to your friends and it remains for purposes fun.

Now you can unlock your Android device using the trick easiest and closest is your digital footprint become for goal with our app! Download it, install it there and start to fool your friends as if you have a strong enough and protected screen. Keep fun with this trick fingerprint and do more pleasure to others!

Dear user, keep in mind that this is just a joke application, the application will never have the ability of your phone protected and secure. And to best use it takes only three seconds of waiting, put your finger on the icon fingerprint that appears realistic and similar to a true security interface, then it will scan and press the touch screen as a fingerprint analysis is being execution quickly. And here you unlock your phone, just keep it as a secret until the other friends are curious!

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