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Damn it! The bad pirate robbed us of our money and valuables, and he ran away in a balloon!
We are angry!
Let’s break his balloon and let him fall down to the ocean!
Pirate should be in the ocean!

Screen lock、Beautify、Theme、Personalized

Is your phone’s screen-locker special?
Is it interesting?
Are you bored with the system screen-locker of your phone?
Download Joy Lock! It is your best choice!

1. We update screen-locker apps here every day.
2. About nature, anime, beauties, and so on. You will find yours!
3. Quick and convenient function of sidebar allows you to get anything you want.
4. Game + screen-locker! Cool, right?
5. Gaudy ≠ electricity-consuming! It is power-saving!
6. Creative screen-unlocking methods

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