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Box Cat

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Box Cat
Shh! Look what we have found!
What will happen if we put this silver coin on the box?
Lovely box cat! If you put a coin on the box, it will steal the coin and act cute!
But if you take the coin away, it will have no coins to buy fish! Poor cat!

Is your phone’s screen-locker special?
Is it interesting?
Are you bored with the system screen-locker of your phone?

1. We update screen-locker apps here every day.
2. About nature, anime, beauties, and so on. You will find yours!
3. Quick and convenient function of sidebar allows you to get anything you want.
4. Game + screen-locker! Cool, right?
5. Gaudy ≠ electricity-consuming! It is power-saving!
6. Creative screen-unlocking methods!

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